Who we are

WhatHappensInTamarindo is run by the founders of Orion Ventures LLC based in Tamarindo, Costa Rica.

Sally Fairbairn

Costa Rica was in Sally’s blood dating back to the early 1970’s when her grandparents fell in love with the beautiful country. Sally heard the stories about the beauty of Costa Rica, but more importantly she heard about the amazing people. In 2015 she was lucky enough to go to Costa Rica with her hot boyfriend, Karl, to the beautiful beach town of Tamarindo.

Karl Vizmeg

Dr Karl had been an emergency doctor for over twenty years in Utah. Through his medical mission work he traveled to many beautiful regions of the world. But when he landed in Tamarindo in 2015 the Pura Vida atmosphere was over powering and he with his lover Sally knew they had to return over and over again. This was the place to invest their time, money and hearts.

Josh Fairbairn

Josh Fairbairn runs MorphoMFG out of Guangzhou, China. He was brought into the greatness of Tamarindo by his mom (Sally) and her boyfriend (Karl). He knew that Tamarindo was a great spot for his first real estate investment the second he got off the plane. Pura Vida!